Because I didn’t vote…

Because I didn’t vote I keep being told I’m not aloud to have an opinion about who was elected president. Because I didn’t do my “duty” as an American. Well guess what, I didn’t vote and I do have an opinion. I won’t shove it down everyone’s throats or post it all over Facebook. But I still didn’t vote and am entitled to my opinion. 

Just like in 2 years if he doesn’t do his job and you voted for him you have the right to have an opinion on that. And you have a right to or not to vote for him again in 4 years.

What am I teaching my children if I vote for someone I don’t believe in? I’m telling them it’s okay to back something you don’t believe in. And in my opinion that’s wrong. So for that very reason I didn’t vote yesterday. I couldn’t say that I believed in either candidate so I opted not to vote. And because I am an American I have that right not to vote. Just like you have the right to vote. 
Who we pick as the president is a big thing. As it should be. And I don’t think we should just throw a vote out there for some dead monkey just because “I have to vote” or for someone I don’t think is qualified for the job. It’s just not right. 

I didn’t not vote because I didn’t do my research. It’s the exact opposite. I didn’t vote because I did do my research. And I couldn’t honestly say I backed either person. 
So don’t make me feel awful just because I didn’t vote. I do have opinions but I will keep them to myself about who won. And I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I feel like this needed to be said. 
As always stay beautiful. ❤️


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