Gilmore Girls: Review 

Hey Guys! Remember me? That person who’s supposed to be keeping up with her blog and hasn’t been? Yep she’s back. And with a review I’ve literally been waiting to write since the original series ended! That’s right ladies and gentlemen Gilmore Girls is back! As a super fan from the original series I feel like this is my duty to write. Even if it’s not I’m still gonna write it. Just saying if you haven’t watched it I will be spoiling it. 

Let’s start off with that ending. Seriously you leave me with “I’m pregnant!”?  😱 What am I supposed to do with that? All I gotta say is it better be Logans and they better make another season. Netflix I’m looking at you! What if it’s the Wookies?? You can’t leave me like this! I’m wracking my brain trying to figure this out. Damn you amy sherman-palladino! 

Rory writing a book? This one I always knew would happen. Just never thought it would be Gilmore Girls. But it make sense. This made me happy. 

All the guest stars. Mae Whitman? I screamed at the tv! Right in my Parenthood feels guys! This had to be my favorite! Not to mention the other Parenthood guest stars! Rachel Ray? This one was amazing too. sutton foster made my inner Bunhead happy! So did the other few guest stars from there too! 

Rory’s exs? Jess? My Goodness he looks amazing and I feel like he’s still totally the one Rory should be with. Dean seems happy and has 3 kids? And one on the way! Glad he’s happy. Logan is still an ass in my opinion. He’s cheating on his fiancé with Rory! And Rory is cheating on her boyfriend with him. Oh and she has a one night stand with a Wookie? What’s that about! I was honestly disappointed in Rory. She just seemed so lost in her love life and just in life in general. But her writing in the Stars Hallow Paper did seem like the right thing for her. 

Her new boyfriend was just weird and definitely NOT Rory. 

Lorelei and Luke! My all time favorite couple get married! This was my favorite part of the whole thing. I almost cried when they got married. It was just something that had needed to happen for so long. I’m so glad they are happy! I was really hoping for another baby though! Hint hit Netflix! 

 Seeing Chris at his fathers company for some reason seemed right. He always hated the idea but I think all those crappy jobs he had before made me think this was definitely the right fit for him. He seemed happy though and that’s a good thing. Because he always seemed like he was longing for something he needed. 

Taylor. He’s still annoying. End of story. 
April is still weird and still not a favorite of mine. She seems crazy. haha
Michel is gay? I honestly should of seen it coming but didn’t. haha And he’s married? That I definitely didn’t see coming. He was always so rude! I was surprised he hadn’t left the Inn before now because he always seemed like he didn’t wanna be there. 
Sookie only being in the last episode for a few seconds made me so sad! She was one of my favorite characters. I never thought she would leave the inn! 
Lane and Zach are still so awkward but amazing together and their twins are adorable. I was so happy they are still together.

Paris. What can I even say about her. She’s still a bitch. But I never saw her having kids or having them with Doyle. They are divorced though. Her job just blew my mind even more! 
Someone I didn’t expect to see was Jason! I always like him but when he showed up I screamed at the tv again because that was a shocker!
Richard dying is the saddest thing by far. We all knew he wouldn’t be in the revival because Edward Herrmann passed away. I just felt so sorry for Emily. She seemed so alone. I felt like her selling the house and finding a place she felt at home was so good for her. She could finally heal and become her own person. This was the only person I felt like they closed the story on. 

Can we talk about that like 15 minutes part of Summer with the musical? Did anyone else really get annoyed with this part? I love Sutton Foster but my goodness they could of made it shorter! 

Allover I was so happy with the revival! The ending was a huge shocker but I feel like they ended it this way so they can leave it open for more episodes possibly. We will see I guess! As a diehard Gilmore Girls fan I’ll watch anything they come out with so I’m hoping for more!! 

As always stay beautiful! 😜


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