Will it Recipe?: KFC Famous BowlsΒ 

Honestly I get so bored with eating the same meals over and over. Witch we are so guilty of. And eating prepared food so much. I feel like I’m so used to just throwing on a box of Mac and cheese or popping a corn dog in the microwave. Recently me and my husband have decided to look up recipes and try them. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make one of my favorite things. Me and my husband are addicted to the famous bowls from KFC. But they definitely aren’t good for you. We were looking up recipes and for some reason my husband came across some sort of mashed potato casserole dinner type thing and it hit me I could totally make a famous bowl! So here’s how to make it: 

You will need: 
This recipe is to make enough for 2 adults, 2 toddlers, and my husbands lunch for the next day. 

2 Cups Fried chicken (I used pre cooked just because I have children and need something I don’t have to cook over all day.) This is the kind I use just because it tastes so close to the chicken at KFC. 
8 Servings Of Mashed Potatoes (I used the instant ones but you can make your own. You will probably need 3-4 cups of potatoes but if you are making instant just make 8 servings)  
2 Packets Of Brown Gravy (you can make your own as well but I highly recommend making more then you think you will need because I only bought 1 packet and it wasn’t enough) 
1 Can Of Corn (you may use frozen as well)
2 Cups Of Cheese (I used cheddar but you can You any kind you like) 
Here is how mine turned out: 
It tastes almost exactly like the real thing. The gravy has a tad different taste and I highly recommend making sure you have plenty of gravy because you definitely need it otherwise it gets kinda dry. But overall I’m happy with what I’ve came up with!!
And as always stay beautiful! I hope you all enjoyed this new segment on my blog! Let me know what you though! 


Fall HaulΒ 

Is it a thing for bloggers to do hauls? Probably not but I’m going to anyways. haha Yesterday me, my husband, and mother in law went shopping for the girls and us. We went to Gap, Forever 21, Children’s Place, Carter’s, tommy hilfiger, Under Armor, Eddie Bauer, Walmart, Target, and dollar general. This is going to be a pretty large haul so let’s get started. If I can remember prices I’ll add the in as well. 

Let’s start with Children’s Place because I feel like that and Carter’s are the majority of the clothes the girl got and let’s be honest you all are here to see the kids clothes. 

They had amazing deals while we were there. The graphic tees were $5, jeans/ leggings were $10, and sweats were $5 too I believe. 

They both got this shirt. It’s a light purple but my camera just doesn’t give it justice at all. My youngest is in a weird like 2t’s are getting small and 3t’s are big but she will grow into them as it gets colder. And my oldest is in a 5t/6t. I love having matching things for them since we are hoping to take family pictures again soon! 

When I saw this shirt I died. I literally refuse to vote this year (not sorry) and I thought this was perfect. This is for my oldest. 

Our youngest is obsessed with ponies. Like you don’t even know. So anything with a pony or unicorn is a must. And when my husband saw this he said she had to have it! Also it’s got a cat so that’s a bonus. 

The last shirt my husband found too and thought was adorable. It’s a 5t for my oldest. I feel like we are always on the lookout for things that say Daddy because they are hard to find but you gotta throw a Mommy in there too. πŸ˜‰ 

The next thing from Children’s Place is jeans! If you are looking for good jeans that fit and have the waist bands that are adjustable for your kids then you definitely need to check them out. My oldest is tall and skinny and she has to have super skinny or super super skinny fit jeans. My youngest is shorter and she has larger thighs so a wider leg is a must. They usually fit in the legs and waist but not in the length. 

I’ll start with my youngests jeans: She got just two basic pairs of jeans and one that I personally think is the cutest thing on the planet honestly the vintage floral pair! 

And here are my oldests: Honestly hers are just repeats of her sisters because like I said matching things are amazing. And she still had 1 pair from last year that still fit. 

The last two things from Children’s Place are from our youngest and they are more pants. Honestly she has hardly any and her sisters from last year still fit her. 
The first pair are just basic black leggings. Why? Because you always always always need black leggings. And my 3 year old still has 2 pair that fit. 

Next are a pair of sweat pants. I always love our kids in sweats and I love that they match her pony shirt from there too! 

Alrighty on to Carter’s:

I had a coupon for $15 off of $50 and all of their basic leggings up front were $6 I believe. 
Okay let’s start with sets. Each of the girls got a set with a shirt, belt, and leggings. 

This first one is my youngest and my husband about died when he saw it. It’s ponies guys. It’s a 3T. And I absolutely love this pink color on her! 

Okay this one is our oldests and it’s plaid. I don’t know why but I have an obsession with plaid for our kids. It’s in a size 5. I love when they come with jeggings. They are life. 

Okay next thing is an outfit for our youngest again. I feel like she got so much but her sister still had some left from last year. All hers from last year were 9 month size. Definitely aren’t fitting now! I honestly doubt I’ll put them together but for the sake of not having to take another picture of a pair or pants I put them together. Haha 

This shirt is actually a 2t just because it looked bigger to us. But I had to get it because it was beautiful! I adore this mint color! I just realized she will probably stain this up fast though. haha Ooops! 

The pants are 3T because honestly Carter’s pants run tiny. At least the basic leggings do on our youngest. And when I saw this pattern I knew she had to have them. I love me some florals!

Next if probably one of my favorite things we bought for them but it’s just so darn cute! I wish they had had it in Nora’s size too! 

I think I actually ended up with a 6x in this but that’s okay because she always complains if anything is the smallest bit tight. It’s a poncho! And I think I might need to find myself one somewhere too! haha Judge me.

Now onto Tommy Hilfiger:

We only bought one thing here because my goodness this store is expensive but it’s so cute! It’s a 2t for our youngest because everyone is always saying how much she looks like him and now they can have similar matching shirts and they can basically just be twins. I love the pink is this shirt and the yellow! 

Next onto Gap:
I believe we have two things from here. So let’s starts with the thing for our youngest. My Mother In Law fell in love with the poncho we got Elli at Carter’s so she was on the lookout for Nora one and she finally found one in Gap! I love the little button on the neck of this one. I don’t know why but I feel like this reminds me of little red riding hood. haha This is another one of my favorite things we found yesterday! I believe this one is a 3T. 

Next thing is a pair of sweats for Elli. She still had one or two from last year but she didn’t have any in this color and I believe they were on sale for $8 or $9. These things are so fluffy and soft!! I believe they are a size 5. 

Okay next is Target guys. Yep, I am on that Target bandwagon. Sue me. 

First off I’ll show you another one of my favorite things we got! Well two favorites. I’m pretty sure we stood in the slipper section forever trying to decide on slippers for the girls. We landed on Minnie Mouse for Nora in a 5/6 size and Paw Patrol for Elli in a size 9/10. They have already put them on and are wearing them. haha I believe these were $10 each. 

Next from Target is probably some boring stuff so if you aren’t into that kinda stuff then I’d skip down to the clothes of mine. 

Just some utensils for the kids. We never have enough so every time I find them cheap we pick them up. These are just some cute cat Halloween ones from the dollar spot. Yep I get sucked into it too guys. We already got the other two characters last time but picked these up this time because we really like the other one.

Next is socks. Last time we went up here I got my oldest some crazy skeleton socks and my youngest is obsessed with them too so I had to find another pair because ours didn’t have them. Along with a pair of Minnie Mouse ones and both of them a pair of striped Halloween ones! I actually got more socks at Walmart in our town but I forgot to take pictures of those. 

Next is just a few make up related items. 

I really hated the Up & Up make up wipes. They made my skin burn and red so I decided I couldn’t handle them any longer and ended up just picking up these ones because my Mother In Law said they were really good and so far I definitely have to agree they haven’t messed with my face. 

Next is a lipstick. I’ve been looking for this shade for months and finally found one I’m okay with. I ended up getting in Nyx and in the shade copenhagen. I did a little swatch for you all as well. I’m pretty excited for this color for fall! I love it! 

Next thing from Target is a pair of shoes for myself. Honestly I’m so picky with shoes. Like I’ll take ours to pick a pair then absolutely despise them once I get them because they hurt my feet. That’s how it goes. That’s how it always goes. But I saw these in the Target here but they didn’t have my size and for like $35 I felt awful spending that much on shoes for myself. But I needed new boots and they had my size so I had to go for them. And my husband made me. haha They are so cute and perfect. I hate regular heals. I cannot walk in them to save my life. These are wedges and I never have issues with wedges. I’m so excited for them and fall! I believe I ende up with a size 11. I’m normally a 10 but I haven’t really bought shoes since I had my youngest so maybe my feet have gone up that much because of my last pregnancy. I think they run a tad small though! 

Alrighty I only got one thing from Doller General and I doubt any of you even care but I just grabbed myself an eyeliner. I’m trying to get into wearing make up more and I suck at eyeliner so we shall see how this goes. It’s just a cheap one though. I think I paid like less then $2 for it just to try eyeliner again. 

Alright next is Under Armor. We only got one thing from here and that was a shirt for my husband. I do have to say though that they need to mark their signs more clearly. They had in big bold print that they were half off. So my husband found this shirt and decided to get it. We get up to pay for it and instead of $15 it was $30. Full price. I guess on the sign somewhere it said in tiny print that it was buy one get one half off. My husband loved the shirt though so we ended up just getting it. I absolutely love him in this color though! ❀️ 

Next we went to Eddie Bauer: 

Once again only one thing from this store but my husband really needed jeans so he got just a basic dark wash pair of jeans. I think he looks absolutely in them as well. I believe they were something like $29. 

Next was Forever 21:

Okay this Forever 21 was absolutely amazing. Everything was $10 or under. Because they didn’t advertise well enough and they were overstocked. So they basically had to sel everything they had at as cheap as they could just to get it out the door. And let me tell you I was definitely excited to see that! I wouldn’t of been able to get half of what I got if they hadn’t of had that deal. 

First thing I got was this dress. My husband found this dress and was in love with it and demanded I get it. This was the one thing I didn’t try on in the store because I knew it would fit. I absolutely love this teal blue color. And the strappy look on the font and back. Ignore my orange bra in the picture. I believe this dress was like $7 

Next was another blues strappy dress. This one I loved because it’s just so flowy and will be great with tights and boots for winter. 

Okay this dress I wasn’t going to buy because I figured it would be $10 and I really didn’t wanna pay that much for it since I plan to just wear it for date nights and I already have a few nice dresses for that. But guys it was $3. So I basically just had to. haha I wasn’t sure if I would like the cutouts on the shoulder either but I think I dig it! 

I feel like this was one of my favorite things I got for myself. I had been looking for a sweater dress and when I saw this I didn’t care that it was $10 I fell in love. I really wanted grey but they didn’t have my size so I figured the brown would work too! I hate the picture of it on because I just threw it on to take a picture! 

And last but not least we went to Walmart. Honestly just for things like Tums that I doubt you care about and a toy for our 3 year old because she did good at the doctor but I’ll show you the like two clothing items we bought there. 
Me and my 3 year old needed tights. Nothing crazy just tights for under dresses so that’s what we got. I got me a pair of black ones that honestly ended up not fitting and I had to return them today for completely different ones but I feel like the ones I ende up with are better anyway and my 3 year old just got a plain pair of like knitted cream colored ones. They were like $5 a piece I believe. 

Okay guys that’s the end of this haul! I hope you all enjoyed and let me know if you wanna see another one sometime. And as always stay beautiful! 😘 

Mommy Tag 2.0Β 

Yes, I’m back again with another Tag. You all need to let me know if you like these! I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! Today’s tag is going to be the Mommy tag 2.0! Alrighty let’s get started.


1. How many children do you have and how old are they? 

I have 2 girls. They are 3 and 1. 


2. What is your proudest moment as a Mom? 

I mean they are still little but honestly so far my oldest getting potty trained during the day. It was such a struggle (still can be) but she’s doing so good now! And I am so proud of her!


3. What’s your most frustrating moment as a Mom? 
Oh goodness definitely when I’ve just told them not to do something and they go and do it. It drives me up a wall. 

4. How do you discipline your children?
I refuse to spank my children. You can tell me all you want that it makes them respect you. No, it makes them fear you. Children should not fear their parents. We are supposed to protect them not have them screaming in fear if they mess up. Nope not gonna happen. We normally just use time outs. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I wanna rip my hair out. Honestly putting a child in time out for the amount of minutes that their age is doesn’t work. My 3 year old literally needs 10 minutes to calm down and think. She throws a fit for the first 5 of it so she needs that last few minutes to calm down and understand why she’s in there. 

5. Cursing, do you do it in front of your children?
Um if you say no here your lying. We all do it. I’ve just given up on trying not to. Especially since their uncle and Dad cuss more then I do. haha 

6. Do you think your relationship with your husband/SO has changed since you had children?
Umm, not really. At first I feel like we were on edge because we both were tired and worn out but we literally never fight so no. I feel like it’s kinda stayed the same.


7. Since becoming a Mom do you see yourself being more like your Mother?
Eh, not really. I feel like I am more like my Grandma in a way. I’ve caught myself saying things she would say. 


8. How are your relationships with your girlfriends?

What friends? I literally have like 1 or 2. Basically all mine took the exit when I had kids. And yeah it’s definitely changed a lot since having kids. We used to have sleepovers and go to the mall every weekend but now I see one maybe once every few months and the other I haven’t seen in years


9. What’s your favorite place to take your kids?
This is a hard question. I feel like my Grandparents. They both have such a great time up there and I feel kinda nostalgic because I loved it as a kid too.


10. Least favorite place to take your children?
Probably the Mall. So many people and my oldest never wants to leave the play place.


11. Piercing babies ears? Do or don’t?
Absolutely no. I’m not going to put a permanent hole in my kids ears if they don’t want it there. We got my oldest done at 2 1/2 when she asked for them. My youngest is 16 months old today and she won’t have hers done until she asks. 


12. Favorite Skin Care for you and your children?
They are 3 and 1 what skin care do they need other then a nice shampoo/body wash. 


13. Must have Mommy make up item? 
Hum, does chap stick count? I hardly wear makeup but I do always keep chap stick in my purse! 


14. Bath or shower? (You/kids)
I shower. But love a nice hot relaxing bubble bath every once in awhile. My kids though strictly take baths still. 


15. Are you back to your pre baby weight?
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahhaha hahaahahaha no. πŸ˜’ I wish. 


16. Collage dreams? Do you expect your kids to go to college? Will you let them make that choice for themselves?
Honestly I’d love for both my girls to go to college. So I will expect for them to at least think about it. But I won’t force them to go. It’s not for everyone. 


17. What’s the show your kids love that you secretly hate?
Oh my goodness, that stupid Alvin And The Chipmunks show on Nick. I despise it with all the fiber of my being. 


18. Cloth diapers: yay or nay?
Sorry but no. You might save some diaper from a landfill but all that water you waste washing them is equally as bad. 


19. Finish this sentence “You know you are a Mom when _____.” 
You know you are a Mom when you haven’t showered in 4 days, have cookie crumbs all over you pants, in yoga pants, with your hair up in a bun, a little bit of throw up on your shirt (it’s not your own), and you still go to the store because you need diapers. 


20. Favorite non Mom moment? (Something you love to do when you are alone.) 
Honestly I watch YouTube. Judge me. 


Hope you all enjoyed this tag! I think I may have a fall kids clothing haul soon as well! 

And as always stay beautiful everyone! 😘

I Love Fall Tag!Β 

Hey I might be a little ahead of the fall bandwagon but I really don’t care! Pumpkins, Hot Cocoa, Cozy Oversized Big Sweaters, Pumpkin Spice (yeah I’m that girl), and fall walks with my kids are the best! So let’s get started on this I love Fall Tag!

1. Favorite Fall Lip Product? 
This is a hard question for me because honestly I don’t wear much makeup. Usually only on date nights and only very minimal make up but I think my favorite Fall lip product has to be The Mint Fresh Baby Lips! My lips get so chapped during the fall with all the colds we get and the cold weather but this stuff saves me!

2. What’s Your Favorite Fall Nail Polish?
I honestly had to look up the name because I haven’t pained my nails in forever because a friend of mine always does Gel nails for me but when I used to paint them all the time this was my favorite! The Sinful Colors Courtney  Orange Nail Polish! It’s this beautiful sparkly burnt orange color and it’s perfect for fall!

3. Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink? 
Okay I’m going to be the typical girl on this one and say Pumpkin Spice but I don’t like the latte. I like the frap with a cream base and no coffee. Also they have some bomb apple cider! 

4. Favorite Fall Candle? 
This one is easy. So easy. The Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Candle from Bath And Body Works! This thing smells like candied pecans and it’s amazing! 

5. Favorite Fall Accessory?
Scarfs. Scarfs. Scarfs. Enough Said! 

6. Witch Do You Like Better: Haunted House, Haunted Corn Maze, Or Haunted Hayrides? 

Would it be totally out of the fall spirit for me to say none? I don’t like scary things. I don’t wanna be scared on purpose. Sorry. 

7. Favorite Fall Movie? 

Umm…honestly everyone will probably hate me for saying this but Elf. I know it’s a Christmas themed movie but it’s my favorite to watch during the fall and winter! 

8. Favorite Halloween Candy? 

Candy Corn! Absolutely my favorite for Halloween. I honestly like the little pumpkins better just because they are always really moist but still the same thing! 

9. What Are You Dressing Up As For Halloween?

The last few years we have only done the kids so I’ll just tell you what the girls are gonna be since I don’t know if we are dressing up or not!  Nora is going to be Minnie Mouse because if you know her you know she loves Minnie. And Elli has decided she must be a zombie this year. 

10. Favorite Thing About Fall? 

Hands down the weather. I love the cool crisp fall air. And the smell of fall. I don’t even know how to explain that but Fall has this smell that I’m addicted to. And I don’t even mean that fake smell candles give you. I mean when you walk outside on a fall evening you get this smell that just make everything better. 

11. Favorite Winter Boots?

Uggs. Yes I’m that girl again with her leggings, baggy sweater, uggs, and pumpkin spice. Bite me. They are so cozy and I will forever love them and their fluffy insides! 

12. Favorite Fall Color?
Enough said! 

That’s the end of the Tag! Hope you all enjoyed! Happy Fall! Going to be changing my blog to a fall theme soon as well! 

And as always stay beautiful! πŸ‚

Loving You

Today in a group on Facebook that I’m in a lady made a post asking if we were truly in love with our significant others. Thinking almost everyone would say yes I started reading the comments. Only a handful of the women said that they truly are. Reading the comments I started think about how you could be in a relationship with someone and not truly care for them. My heart aches for people who stay for reasons other then love. I don’t understand staying for the kids or because you don’t want to hurt the other person. I couldn’t imagine not being in love with my husband and marrying him. He’s my rock and my best friend. And everyday my love for him grows stronger. I feel so lucky that I get to wake up next to a man who loves me and my children and I love him. If you don’t have something like that with the person you are with right now then why are you with them? 

I may not be in a horrible situation like some of these women were. But I know that if you aren’t madly in love with them you need to leave. What is life if you aren’t with people who enjoy your presence and love you. Especially as a mother you need someone who loves not only you but your children as well. 

My husband is the most amazing man I’ve ever met. He loves me and both our girls so much. When we met I was very depressed and had just gotten out of an abusive relationship. He literally helped me heal so much from all of that. And to this day he does amazing things for me. Weather it be holding me while I have an anxiety attack, cuddling while we watch a movie, or getting me flowers and a card to tell me he loved me and he appreciated me. I love getting to watch him be a father to our girls and interact with them. I love how hard he works for our little family. I love his little smirk. I love his blue eyes. I love how he bugs the crap outta me when he knows he’s being a butt. I love that I can never stay mad at him because he makes me smile. I just love absolutely everything about him. 

Anyway I don’t know where I really was going with this post other then to say life is to short not to be in love.

As always stay beautiful. ❀️

Review: Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel & Tousle Me Softly Let It Loose HairsprayΒ 

Today I’m going to be doing a review for some new Herbal Essence products! I was sent these products for free from Influenster but all opinions are my own! The two products we are going to be talking about today are the Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel and the Tousle Me Softly Let It Loose Hairspray. 

Let’s start off with the Curl Scrunching Gel. Honestly I was confused with this product at first. I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to help give me curls and act as like a styling Gel or it was supposed to protect my curls from the heat of the curling wand. I’ve used products like both of these before and I wasn’t sure. After further investigation it’s definitely to work as a styling Gel to help your curls hold. 

Upon opening this box the smell was amazing. It smelled like berries. And I was so excited for that. This was the one product I was excited for because of the fact that my hair never holds a Curl. Ever! My hair is straight as a poker. At our wedding I had my hair curled and it literally had so much hair spray and so many Bobby pens it took me about 2 hours to get it all out! Just so it would hold for the wedding. 

This product is a Gel. But it is not sticky. Normally I have to wash my hands several times to get the product off but this I did not at all. My hands felt like nothing was on them and it left them smelling amazing. 

On my hair it didn’t make my hair oily or stiff. Basically it looked like I had nothing on it. Witch is something I love! It recommended to put it on wet hair and style normally. So I did that. It helped so much but it made them more defined and helped it stay better. Honestly I don’t think my hair could hold all day curls but they lasted for a few hours. More then normal!  

I tried it on my oldest daughter as well just because she has such curly hair and if I don’t do something it’s crazy by noon. I just tried a tiny bit on her and honestly it worked so well! Wouldn’t use it on a daily basis but we had a doctors appointment that day and it worked perfectly for making sure her curls didn’t get tangled or get crazy in her pony tail. 
The next product we are going to review is the hair spray. Honestly I wasn’t excited for this one. I hate hair spray. So I passed this one on to my Mom. But she Reviewed it for me and this is what she had to say: 

“I tried it yesterday and I really did like it. It smelled great and it didn’t make my hair crunchy. It held pretty well. But it didn’t stay all day like it says on the bottle. But it’s also a medium hold so I didn’t really expect it to either. But overall I like it and I’d definitely buy it if it wasn’t too expensive.” 

I haven’t gotten the guts up to try it yet but when I do I’ll update in another blog! 
Anyway as always stay beautiful! ❀️

Show Review: Gossip GirlΒ 

Hey upper east side. Gossip girl here.

Wait that’s not my blog. Oops. Sorry about that. Been watching too much Gossip Girl. 

Speaking of Gossip girl I know it’s been over for awhile but I recently finished watching it and I thought I’d do a review type blog on it. I’m thinking of making this a new series on my blog. I just started Orange Is The New Black so maybe that will be my next show to review for you all. 

It may of been over for awhile but I can’t be the only person who hasn’t. So if you have just enjoy the recap. Also I will be talking about the idenity of gossip girl. If you don’t wanna see who it is then I’d click out now.

Fist off I honestly thought I’d hate this show. Starting the show I felt like it wasn’t something I’d like. But after a few episodes and all the drama throws at you (it’s a lot) I was hooked. 

My first impression of characters:

Honestly Dan was my favorite in the beginning. Chuck. Omg I hated him. His face literally made me angry. The way he acted was so obnoxious. I also wasn’t a big fan of Serena. She just seemed so flighty. But I was definitely rooting for her and Dan. Always have. Always will. I also didn’t like Nate. He cheated on Blare and that wasn’t okay. Blare, she was such a bitch. Hell she was until the last episode. I actually liked Lilly in the beginning. As well as Rufus. Jenny, was one of my favorites too. I hated Vanessa. I will never care for her. Chucks Dad is my least favorite of all the characters though. He reminds me of Dan Scott from One Tree Hill. Or at least Dan Scott from the first few seasons. 

My impression of characters after:

Let’s start with Dan again. He’s gossip girl! Seriously? It honestly made no sense even though I guessed it. In the last season I started hating him. So much. But you know what? I think I still love Dan. ❀️ And the fact that he married Serena makes me even more happy. Chuck? He slowly became my favorite guy on the show. Him and Blare are one of my favorite tv couples by far. I was rooting for them the whole show. He may of done some horrible things to Blare like selling her for a hotel and sleeping with Jenny. But he won me over in the last few seasons. Speaking of Jenny, she’s a bitch. A huge bitch. And the fact that she knew Dan was gossip girl made me angry. Nate, he became one of my favorite as well. He became a pretty good guy minus the bad business deals he made. Chucks Dad, I was honestly glad he fell off the building. Sorry. Not sorry. Lilly, the only thing that redeemed her for me was helping Chuck in the end. Vanessa left but I still hated her. Serena, well I don’t really know how I feel about her. She had grown so much but I still feel like she will always be flighty. Rufus, I still love him. He made of had a bad period with Ivy but I feel like he will always be a good guy. Ivy wasn’t in the first few season but that bitch needed to go from the start. Especially after we find out she really isn’t Serena’s cousin. 
I have to talk about the fact that Dan is gossip girl for a second. Like I said I guessed it was him but he did some awful things to himself and his family. Like why would you do that just for a blog? And it doesn’t really make any sense in a lot of situations. I started thinking it was him when Serena told Gossip Girl to meet her and Dan showed up. It obviously had to be him. 

Another thing is Chucks dad faking his own death. How on Gods earth did that son of a bitch pull that shit off? My husband called that and I was still so mind blown when it happened. I didn’t see it actually coming. 

The whole Ivy pretending to be Serena’s cousin Charile thing was just plain weird. Especially when she just kept up with it even after she got her money. 

The Dan Olivia Vanessa love triangle threesome thing. That was definitely not something I expected. Everyone acts like Dan is so ugly. So why did he end up with 2 girls at once?

Dan and Blare. I wasn’t okay with this. My husband rooted for it. But no just no. That’s just not who he’s supposed to be with. And Chuck needs Blaire. 

Rufus and Lilly have a kid together? Seriously not something I expected. And I never really got closure on this subject. It just wasn’t fully explained enough for me.

Chucks Mom. One of the bigger mysteries on the show. At least for me. Why did Bart lie? I wanted Chuck to have a relationship with his Mom so badly. I hated that she lied and said she wasn’t. I’m glad he figured out that she really was his Mom. But I wish he had found her again. 

Serena’s Dad. I hate him. So very much. I didn’t mention him in the characters because I really wanted to just talking about him himself. He turned her away, told Lilly she was still sick when she wasn’t, he lead Ivy on to get Lilly back, he was an ass to Rufus, ran from the cops, and honestly I feel like he did all of it just to get back with Lilly. Witch thank God didn’t happen. 

Over all I became obsessed with all the drama on the show and it is definitely a show to binge watch. Especially since Netflix has all the season. If you love drama or just a good story line then I highly recommend giving it a try. If you haven’t seen it and you are reading this then you already know who gossip girl is, tell me how it is watching knowing. Does it change the way the show is for you? I watched not knowing and it was a shocker. But at the same time I suspected Dan after that one episode. 

XoXo Gossip Girl.Oops sorry wrong blog again.

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